If you have your own website, you have probably already given some thought to what it is worth. Either because you received an offer to buy it or just out of interest. But how can the value of a website be determined ? If you put the value too low, you are giving away money. On the other hand, if you set it too high, a potential buyer will lose interest.

The economic value of your website

To determine the economic value of your website, you take the average income that you have generated from your website over the past few months. For most of you, that will probably be advertising revenue. You subtract your monthly expenses from the income. Multiply the difference you get by a month. Values ​​of 12-18 months have generally become established here. So if you have monthly income of 100 dollars and expenses of 10 dollars, there is a difference of 90 dollars. Multiply this z. B. at 15 months, you get an economic value for your website of 1,350 dollars.

The hidden reserves

But the value of a website is not just based on your monthly sales. Often a website also has hidden reserves, i.e. values ​​that cannot be recognized at first glance.

Own scripts

If you have programmed your own script for your website or created your own design or a plugin for a CMS, the value of your own contribution must of course also be included in the calculation. The same applies if you sell a license for a paid CMS or forum script. Of course, you are not allowed to charge the full license fees for this, but you can already apply 50% of that.

Own pictures and photos

If you have created your own pictures and photos that have a certain artistic value, you should also include them in the calculation. Whereby these have a higher value with a pure photoblog than with a personal blog, where the photos are often just decoration and can easily be replaced by others.

Social media & newsletter

If, in addition to your website, you also sell the right accounts for Twitter, Facebook and Google and you have numerous fans and followers, these accounts of course also have a corresponding value that you can include in the sales price. The same applies if you have a newsletter with many subscribers. It is very important that they have registered using the double opt-in procedure, i.e. that they have confirmed their subscription to the newsletter by email. Only then does a subscriber have a value that you can include.

Potential of your website

Is it the case with you that you have not made the most of your website’s potential? Do you have z. B. hardly concerned with search engine optimization or only little or no advertising on your website? If the buyer of your website can increase the number of visitors and thus sales with little effort, you can also incorporate this into the value calculation. However, you may have to allow for a discount if the topic of your website is outdated.

Value of your domain

Even without content, your website still has a value, namely the value of your domain. This value can vary greatly. If you have a so-called keyword domain (e.g. kredit.de), the ending of which fits your target group, this can have a very high value.