Often times people who want to sell a website ask themselves, “What is my website worth?” – A problem that many face, but hardly anyone recognizes it as a problem. But if you estimate the price too high, you will encounter a problem at the latest when selling: prospective customers who do not understand it, to pay excessive prices for a website. Try to be realistic about the value of your website. If you are also wondering “What is my website worth?” and do not know how to correctly determine the value of your website, we give you tips and assistance on this page to find an approximate value.

What is my website worth? – Own work may not be fully paid

No matter how much time, work, and money you’ve put into your website, leave these factors out of evaluating the price of your website. No buyer in the world will be willing to pay for your work or your advertising. Instead, other criteria count for the buyer or prospect: Can the website make money? How many visitors does the site have per day, month, year? How has the project developed in the last few months or years?

You should include the following factors in the calculation

When calculating the approximate price of your website, you need to use certain criteria to estimate the price at which the website will be sold. We would like to show you very important criteria that belong in every price calculation for websites.

Many millions of websites on the Internet are the hobby of website operators. But there are also people who earn money with websites on the Internet. If you are such a person and your website has income, this must be included in the price calculation. There is a simple formula that will help you:

“Base price” stands for the first sum that goes into your calculation. If your website has income, you should definitely consider this as the first amount. Simply calculate your average monthly income (for the last 3 months) times 12 (for 12 months). A website should turn into a plus business for the buyer after a year.

For many, the age of a website does not matter, but older websites have one advantage: They are better known. There are new sites that become visitor magnets overnight, but that is less than 1% of all websites on the Internet. Old websites also have the advantage that they exude more confidence because of their old content. Older pages are also rated better on Google than fresh ones and are therefore usually better placed than new websites.